My First (possibly last) dose of Jane Austen!

Do you agree with my ‘review’?

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I’m sorry literary lovers, but what is the big deal about Jane Austen? Ok, I’ve only read one of her novels, ‘Sense and Sensibility’, but I was literally bored to tears as I ploughed my way through this ….. so-called romance. The blurb on the fly jacket is thoroughly misleading; it certainly exaggerates its own self-importance! I can certainly live without her and I will not be reading ‘S & S’ again and again.

All of the novel’s characters remained faceless to me; I could not warm to any of them as they all came across as spoilt, irksome individuals who live in a bubble of bland high society. The only character who brought a dash of colour to the proceedings was the partially effervescent, Mrs Jennings who was only comical because she was apparently blind to the selfish desires of the other individuals. Take the principal family in the piece, the Dashwoods; all…

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